Лодка нднд Навигатор 430 PRO

Лодка нднд Навигатор 430 PRO

Лодка нднд Навигатор 430 PRO for sale


Boat NDND Navigator 430 PRO

Large PVC boat for travel and leisure on the water has an impressive capacity and can accommodate up to 6 passengers . Minimum motor boat not be in the bodies of GIMS

Equipment boats Navigator 430 CLEAR PRO :

  • Bottom reinforced cockpit boats from corrugated hasterasa special non-slip fabric Valmex PVC production MehlerTechnology (Germany) with a density of 1100 g/m2.
  • Pads banks (seats);
  • Amplification of PVC profile on the endings of the cylinders.
  • Bow bag;
  • Cast handle for the driver (skipper);
  • Inner plastic trim on the transom under the motor;
  • Locker bag under the Bank;
  • Preparation for mounting the fuel tank;
  • Cast handle for the passenger sitting in the rear Bank;
  • Strengthening the bottom line of the keel of PVC profile width 235мм;
  • Reinforcement cylinders of PVC profile width 235мм;
  • Non-slip pad in the aft of the cylinders.
  • Additional cast carrying handles;
  • Towing pad eye on the transom.

You can buy complete with motor Boat+Motor=Discount


  • Length, см430
  • Width, см187
  • The diameter of the cylinder, см43/58
  • Max. engine power: 30 HP
  • Min. engine power 9.9 HP
  • Cockpit length, cm 311
  • Width of cockpit, cm 81
  • Seating capacity 7
  • Load capacity 1000 kg
  • Transom height S - Standard
  • Number of compartments 3+1


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$ 969Listed price: 71 500
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Лодка нднд Навигатор 430 PRO for sale

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Captain Club
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