Лодка Wyatboat 430 DCM + мотор

Лодка Wyatboat 430 DCM + мотор

Лодка Wyatboat 430 DCM + мотор for sale


Wyatboat 430DCM

Aluminum boat Wyatboat-430 DCM (DCM Vyatbot 430) is suitable for walking, fishing and hunting on rivers and lakes .Perfect for travel with family in the outdoors , or for going fishing which is especially important in connection with the closing of the resort areas on the territory of the Russian Federation and Abroad in 2020

PRICE quoted are for the BOAT


You can buy complete with motor YAMAHA

E40XWS 248 500p

40VEOS(bestseller!) 271 100p

30HWCS 200 600p

Sets the price ask by phone

The boat is on the Krasnoglinsky highway 12 стр2

Wyatboat 430DCM

  • Overall length 4.3 m
  • Overall length with crinolines of 4.52 m.
  • Overall width of 1.6 m.
  • Maximum width of 1.44 m.
  • The midship depth of 0.7 m.
  • Transom height 380 mm (S)
  • The deadrise of the hull at the transom 8
  • The deadrise of the hull at amidships 13
  • The Seating capacity of 5 people
  • Weight of boat with equipment
  • (without motor) 189 kg.
  • Load capacity 400 kg.
  • The maximum power of the motor 40 HP
  • The thickness of the bead of 2 mm.
  • Bottom thickness 3 mm.


  • Railing
  • Console with windscreen (2 PCs.)
  • Mikasalla door
  • Mikasalla window
  • Bank locker, driver and passenger
  • Bow seat locker
  • Stern sofa locker
  • Steering Assembly
  • Switches panel
  • Voltmeter
  • Pump electric
  • Navigation side lights
  • Circular fire on a removable stand
  • 12 V Socket
  • Battery tray with mount
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Boat Assembly
  • The user manual
  • The certificate of conformity

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$ 2 630Listed price: 194 000
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Лодка Wyatboat 430 DCM + мотор for sale

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Captain Club
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