Fisher 17 without skipper

Fisher 17 without skipper

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fisher 17 without skipper for rent

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5,00 m / 16,40 ft
2,00 m / 6,56 ft
0,50 m / 1,64 ft
Croatia, Dubrovnik


Great for 5-6 people, and it is an ideal boat for those who likes adrenaline and fun, quick ride to any destination, makes enough time to visit and explore all the Adriatic wonders.
By renting our boat you are having the perfect opportunity for discovering amazing beaches, many unexplored small islands and all the other wonders of the Adriatic Sea.

Sailing our crystal clean blue sea will make your vacation richer, turning it into an abundance of tastes, smells, colors, warm wind and pleasant sun. Let us show you why our coast is named one of the most beautiful worldwide coasts, and get ready for the time of your life.

Prepare your taste buds for traditional wines originating from our coast, and superior gourmet delicacies which are made by secret recipes for centuries. Make sure your eyes are ready for the magical sunsets, untouched nature, hidden caves, undiscovered beaches and many other Croatian wonders.
Get ready to meet historical and UNESCO protected world treasures, and take all the necessary steps to prepare your body and soul for a vacation you deserve. Be a part of the magic of the Mediterranean and create your own sea story. Just relax and let the memories begin!

Elaphite islands are the islands in Dubrovnik archipelago famous for its natural beauty. Most popular is island LOPUD. This oasis of peace and beauty is so attractive and popular because of the numerous sandy beaches, rocky paths through the mysterious old forests, olive groves and vineyards. Lopud is known for its old stone houses, rich historical culture and breathtaking views of the unforgettable sunsets which are sure to stir up the romance in any heart. We always suggest our guests to visit one of the oldest Botanic gardens in Europe, and spend some time on famous beach Šunj, where, according to a local legend, if you bathe with your loved one, you’ll never apart.

The second island you must visit is the island ŠIPAN . Historically very, interesting and powerful island. During the 15th century it was a chic summer getaway for the very best Dubrovnik's families, many of whom built villas on the island. There's also a late-Gothic Rector's Palace and ruins of archbishop's palaces. In Suđurađ, where is main port, is the castle of the wealthy Stjepović-Skočibuha,family from Dubrovnik dating from the 16th century. Next to it is a tower built as a defense against pirates. Šipan is known to be called "the Mediterranean as it used to be.

You've probably heard about famous blue cave and wild island with high clifs called KOLOČEP. Rich in hidden caves and high cliffs, perfect for exploring. You will be given a unique opportunity to explore the underwater of Koločep and a relax on sandy beach. Also, you can walk through Gornje and Donje Celo that are typical examples of Mediterranean place in south Dalmatia. Koločep has as much as 250 sunny days per year, which together with divine, clear sea and rich vegetation of pines and olives, makes it a heavenly island. The clear sea is full of fish and seashells.
$ 388 / per day
Fisher 17 without skipper for rent
Deposit: $ 50

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