Axopar 37 C T-Top

Axopar 37 C T-Top

France | 2021

Axopar 37 C T-Top for sale

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General information

11,20 m / 36,75 ft
3,30 m / 10,83 ft
0,80 m / 2,62 ft
700 liters
Cruising speed
35,00 kn
Max speed
45,00 kn

Estimate price

$ 325 249
Very cheap
Valuation based on average market value
$ 329 980 $ 612 820
Losses approximately in value in  3 years
$ 91 415
  • $ 0 0%
  • $ 63 433 19.5%
  • $ 27 982 8.6%
  • $ 16 987 5.22%
  • $ 9 540 2.93%
  • $ 10 417 3.2%
  • $ 14 573 4.48%
$ 23 203
  • $ 3 533
  • $ 2 827
  • $ 2 356
  • $ 2 356
  • $ 1 296
  • $ 1 296
  • $ 1 296
  • $ 8 245



Le C Cat 37 est un catamaran racé, rapide (12/13 noeuds à la voile) confortable et capable de tous les programmes. Nous pouvons vous proposer des unités neuves, selon votre cahier des charges (Moteurs 20 ou 30 cv, 2 à 4 cabines, electronique selon vos choix, voiles croisière ou performance, etc..) Prix à partir de 263 000 € HT

English The C Cat 37 is a magnificent fast catamaran ( sailing 12/13 knots and more), comfortable and able of blue water cruises. we can deal new units, according to your specifications and wishes (engines 20 or 30 HP, 2 to 4 cabins, electronics, cruising or performance sails, etc..) Price from €247 000 ex-VAT; The C-Cat 37 was born to offer to an owner “evolved in sailing” a perfect boat for the ocean cruise, with high performance without sacrificing space and comfort that only a catamaran can offer. The C-Cat 37 is the first work of a range that includes 3 other larger models designed by Marc Lombard, is a concentrate of innovations that, in the ambition of the shipyard, it will be “the point of reference” to the market in its category. PERFORMANCE At the base of the hull design, lines innovative, thin and with little wetted surface, promise benefits as long as you respect the displacements and to be able to withstand a powerful sail plan in comfort and safety; for this has been chosen sandwich construction and the infusion technique with the use of epoxy-vinyl resin and fabrics quadraxial. The weight/sail area is by far the best in its class. To concentrate the weight, it was decided to group the plants, and move the engines, while encouraging performance in the maneuver under sail, bound always catamarans, the rudders were located more aft as possible. Even the life raft ‘was housed in a forward position under the seat aft of the cockpit locker accessible from a dual opening always accessible. The sail plan, such as the anchor immediately forward of the deckhouse contributes to the weight concentration and provides a set back of the mast without stifling the size of the mainsail, the real engine of the C-Cat37. The hulls are thin and high on the water, to reduce the wetted surface and a cockpit at 65-70 cm from the waterline to prevent the annoying impact of the waves on the bottom of the boat in rough seas. SAFETY The boat has been designed to be unsinkable with 4 watertight compartments, 2 forward and 2 aft bearing bulkhead pass-through for the passage of pipes and cables in order to ensure absolute waterproofness. The crash box in the bow, consists of a sacrificial part of the hull that in the event of a collision at high speed, breaking, absorbs the impact avoiding structural damage. The life raft is in a convenient and safe location inside the cockpit and it can stow it through a trap door outside. The presence of walkways free of hatches, promote a shift in the bow, and the ventilation of the interior is left to the fixed skylights at the top of the side windows. All lines are led back to the cockpit, including reefing lines, which can be directly controlled from the wheelhouse, without being obliged to leave the cockpit to steer or reduce the canvas. Even the jib sheet, the rail and the mainsheet are within reach of the helmsman. It is also provided a security system already in use on ocean-going catamarans racing, through software, reads any critical structures of the catamaran and automatically loose the sails. The sacrificial drifts, glued with a mastic structural aeroderivative, in case of impact break without damaging the lamination, thus avoiding any water way. In case of breaking the drifts are easily replaceable. For discerning boaters have the option to install the transmission shaft, which ensures low maintenance and operations less complex, can be performed anywhere in the world. COMFORT Utmost care was given to the comfort on board. The hulls thin in water are characterized by a strong redan that out of the flotation significantly broadens the interior space without penalize performance. Is possible in accordance with the shipyard, interior can be customized. The double helm aft makes the cockpit free of clutter and it is the largest in its class, thanks to the sliding doors, the feeling is that of a typical open space in continuity with the saloon, giving the feeling of a large volume. The cockpit is equipped with a hard top provides a full closure which effectively creates a single well-dinette leaving a corridor of 70 inches between the wheelhouses. Aft will be a small bridge to be free from the side, to facilitate the entry on board even in the moorings at side. The kitchen is located between the cockpit and the saloon and is accessible from both areas, the absence of steps between these two environments facilitates the passage, a step aft ensures a dry and sheltered from the sea. Through careful study of the interiors we have created a layout that has nothing to envy to 40 feet. The unusual position of the second bathroom on the inside of the hull in two cabins, it dramatically increases the brightness and interior space. The interior layout provides a real cabin, served by a bathroom with separate shower. In the 3 cabin version, it is possible to have in cabin bunk beds staggered, and in the other hull to set up a small crew cabin forward of the owner’s bathroom. Is possible to set up an internal location served by a joystick maneuvering and engine controls. DESIGN The shipyard has always paid attention to the design and details. The proportion between the hull and deck despite the small size is optimal. The interiors designed by the internal study C-Catamarans are made with great care and high standards.

Italiano Il C Cat 37 è un catamarano vivace, veloce (12/13 nodi da navigare) comodo e capace di tutti i programmi. Siamo in grado di offrirti nuove unità, a seconda delle tue specifiche (motori da 20 o 30 CV, da 2 a 4 cabine, elettroniche a seconda delle tue scelte, vele da crociera o prestazioni, ecc.). I prezzi partono da $ 263,000 HT

Deutsch Die C Cat 37 ist ein rasanter Katamaran, schnell (12/13 Knoten mit Segeln) bequem und in der Lage, alle Programme. Wir können Ihnen neue Einheiten anbieten, je nach Ihren Spezifikationen (Motoren 20 oder 30 PS, 2 bis 4 Kabinen, Elektronik je nach Ihrer Wahl, Segeln oder Leistung, etc.) Preis ab 263 000 € ohne MwSt.

Español El C Cat 37 es un catamarán picante, rápido (12/13 nudos para navegar) cómodo y capaz de todos los programas. Podemos ofrecerle nuevas unidades, dependiendo de sus especificaciones (Motores de 20 o 30 CV, 2 a 4 cabinas, electrónicas dependiendo de sus opciones, velas de crucero o rendimiento, etc.). Los precios comienzan en $263,000 HT

Россию C Cat 37 - колоритный катамаран, быстрый (12/13 узлов для плавания) удобный и способный на все программы. Мы можем предложить вам новые агрегаты, в зависимости от ваших спецификаций (двигатели 20 или 30 л.с., от 2 до 4 кают, электронные в зависимости от вашего выбора, круизные паруса или производительность и т.д.). Цены начинаются от $263,000 HT

Accessoires supplémentaires

Appareillage électronique de navigation AIS, Indicateur d'angle de barre, DSC VHF.


  • Gps
  • Plotter
  • Steering wheel
  • Autopilot
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Log speedometer
  • Compass

In this case we are acting as brokers only.  The Vendor is not selling in the course of a business.  Whilst every care has been taken in their preparation, the correctness of these particulars is not guaranteed.  The particulars are intended only as a guide and they do not constitute a term of any contract.  A prospective buyer is strongly advised to check the particulars and where appropriate at his own expense to employ a qualified Marine Surveyor to carry out a survey and / or to have an engine trial conducted, which if carried out by us shall not imply any liability for such engine on our part.


Note to seller and purchaser:  If the boat you are selling or purchasing is registered, please ensure that the registration is completed after the sale of the boat.  If the purchaser wishes to cancel the registration is the duty of the seller to contact the Registry and inform them that the registration is to be cancelled.  If the purchaser wishes to continue with the registration, it is the duty of the purchaser to complete the relevant forms and post off the bill of sale to the Registrar.

$ 325 249Listed price: 276 150
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Axopar 37 C T-Top for sale

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