Ryds 425 for rent

General information

4,25 m / 13,94 ft
1,65 m / 5,41 ft
0,40 m / 1,31 ft
*** Day or week rentals without skipper *** This Ryds 425 is based on Eknö. The island Eknö is located in Stockholm archipelago about a nautical mile north west from Sandhamn. It is a good location if you wish to explore some of the genuine parts of the archipelago. The boat is a classic and has become well used since its first release. It is simple and stable both for cruising with your family or friends or if you plan to go fishing. The 8hp motors are new and well served. The boat allows a group up to 8 people at a time but it is recommended to go less for more space. If you are a large group looking for boats we have a fleet of several boats of the same kind that are available for rental. If your are looking for a longer stay on Eknö, for let us say fishing, we can advice you to some of the cabins around that are possible to rent. A good combination with boat rental if fishing.
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Updated: 12:42 15.10.2019
$56 / per day

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