Saxdor originates from a vision to create a boat fleet that has never existed before. The new innovative concept has proven to attract customers and the boating professionals and journalists around the world. Our first year (2020) was a huge success with three important awards and nominations for our first model Saxdor 200. In addition, we produced 200 boats and our orderbook for 2021 is already full. Our team is honored and happy for the huge interest in Saxdor boats.

Saxdor’s headquarter is located in Helsinki, Finland and our production shipyard is located in Elk, Poland, which is run by Elite-Elk shipyard, a Saxdor subsidiary. Elk is situated in Suwalki special economic zone known as one of the main boat-building cluster areas in Poland.

All together we are about a hundred professionals with vast experience from the boating business ranging from advanced technology, engineering, concept and cutting-edge design. Our ambition is to produce boats with modern methods and with the highest level of production process efficiency and quality. We are constantly looking for more people as we are growing rapidly.

Saxdor has built a large and experienced dealer network around the world in a very short period of time.


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