AB Yachts

AB Yachts

Company History

AB Yachts dates back to 1992, quickly identifying a niche and continually improving it. We are talking about the production of high-speed boats with water-jet engines for those who, in addition to the premium housing need more speed and drive. Today, the Italian shipyard leader in this segment, but for this she had to walk an interesting and difficult path of innovation and structural change. What would be the company, if it has not annexed in 2001, Fipa Group, we'll never know, but certainly this event had a beneficial effect on both sides of the transaction. Prior to this the group entered the shipyard >Maiora and >Intermare, Fipa turning into a serious player on the yacht market. Then it was time to become a member of a new family yards >CBI Navi is an experienced manufacturer of metal enclosures. Among all these companies AB Yachts stands out for the abundance of innovations and innovative solutions. So she is the first in the world to equip a small yacht powerful jet engines. Said "A" — it is necessary to speak and "B". Followed by the development of lightweight composite housings with innovative connection designs without screws, special glue, which levelled vibration and temperature jumps in the joints. Also came to the aid of computer simulation and even the achievements of the aerospace industry, as the load on elements of structures became very serious. All this has brought the company a world leader on the market of pleasure boats with water-jet engines. In the framework of the Fipa group of companies, AB Yachts also offers a full range of after-sales services, repito and storage vessels of its brand.


ABYachts is always on the cutting edge of technologies and materials. To facilitate construction without loss of strength, the company uses the latest composite materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, state of the art composites and rubber. Production capacity localized in Massa on the Ligurian coast, is responsible for the release of the whole range of models of the brand. Every year the stocks of the shipyard builds around 30 boats, designed and manufactured with a high degree of participation of customers.

Model range

The catalogue we find 8 stylish yachts. The core production of the shipyard to date account for >speed >the superyacht has a length of 35 -44,6 meters, equipped with >sportbridge. The size range represented more modest yachts from 17.7 metres which, like the older models, have an important signature feature of ABYachts — water-jet engine is paired with a standard engine installations that provide excellent high-speed characteristics and breadth of use. Maximum speed in the current lineup are impressive 54 of the node.


The Boat AB Yachts is often called "reactive". Indeed, the company has devoted all his attention to the idea of high-speed, durable and at the same time manoeuvrable and light yacht. The idea of the engineers to equip the boat water-jet engines has shown its worth and even served as the "engine" of permanent progress of the shipyard. Over time, the cannons easily moved on superyacht of the company.

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