Airon Marine

Airon Marine

Airon Marine was born on the shores of Lake Como in 1976 thanks to the passion and experience of Paolo Molinari.

He is 25 years old when in collaboration with Walter Posca, he designs and builds the first 36 feet in wood that will remain in the history of AIRON MARINE for its fantastic hull. It immediately becomes clear that the company's goal will be to build boats that are not only safe on the water, but also offer comfort and quality.

The AIRON MARINE range of boats is built with innovative hydrodynamic profiles: these place them at the highest levels in the speed / weight / power equation, with a consequent reduction in consumption, softness on the wave, optimal navigation attitude, thus making the use of flaps. The fully customizable interiors are made with precious materials, worked according to the best Italian shipbuilding tradition.

AIRON MARINE is aimed at continuous formal technical research, meeting the needs of each individual customer, making each boat unmistakably unique.

Paolo Molinari continues to have a direct relationship with his customer by offering the availability of him and his children, Camillo and Tommaso, for an in-depth knowledge of the boat and an improvement in driving.

Seriousness, study and perseverance are the qualities that have led AIRON MARINE boats to be an avant-garde product in respect of tradition.

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