Alfastreet Marine

Alfastreet Marine

The owner, architect and boat enthusiast behind the brand, Iztok Pockaj, pay much attention to every single detail. His innovative approach to the boat design ensures an optimal combination between functionality, timeless design and high usability, all this to create the best experience on any body of water. At Alfastreet Marine we develop unique technical solutions, to improve the performance, stability, and safety without making compromises.


Alfastreet Marine prides itself upon boutique boat production of recognizable design, which is a mixture of traditional and modern elements with perfected innovative and useful solutions. Our wish is that our buyers would be able to enjoy using our boats carefree for a long period of time. Therefore we always listen their wishes and needs and enable them to really get a boat of their dreams! Last but not least, our relationship does not end when the boat is sold, as our technical support is always available to them.

The company is implementing improvements in the electronic exchange between partners, digitization of appearances at fairs, a website for foreign markets, product videos, and competence building and training which will affect the reduction of costs, optimize workflow, improve quality, and employee satisfaction. The main plan is to improve automatization, digitalization of international processes, and therefore improved market competitiveness. With the implemented improvements the company will be able to easier interact with business partners, increase visibility and trust in products and services, increase exports, value-added and profits in foreign markets, and improve market position.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the Cohesion Fund.

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