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the Builder Anytec was born in 1960s in the city Osthammar, in the suburb of Stockholm. Boats with aluminum hulls became increasingly popular, and soon this small shipyard has grown to become a major producer of aluminum boats in the Sweden.

At the end of the century Anytec decided to create a yacht for recreation, and in 2004, in response to the increased demand part of the production was moved to Riga. Since inception, the company produced more than 2,500 boats and calls itself the best manufacturer of aluminum yachts in the world. "Never settle for compromises in materials and structures", is the motto of Anytec.




the company employs two teams, one fully engaged in the production of boats ranging in size from 5.5 to 8.5 meters, and the other boats with a length from 8.5 meters. Large boats gather in the city of Foreground 150 km from Stockholm, Riga. The processes are identical at both sites.


the Requirements on the quality of the boats is the same regardless of size, however, small boats are more austere in the equipment. In the directory listed >boat, >cabin boats, boat >outboard motors >boats-SUVs. All boats of the brand are characterized by high strength and resistance to various weather conditions.


Boats with aluminum hulls are ideal conditions Stockholm: aluminum easy to take care in a difficult climate, and good control allows you to easily maneuver between the dozens of Islands on which the city is located. Case treated with our patented tool M400, which prevents oxidation, adds to the metal hardness, strength, Shine, has a water repellent and allows you to use the boat in any climate. Anytec never uses in the design of the bolt — housing portion are attached to each other by welding. All the boats the company builds manually.

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