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French shipyard Arcoa Yachts was founded by the family Couach is a hereditary yacht builders in 1947. Arcoa Yachts became one of the first European shipyards, advocate the concept of pleasure boats. And in the 1950-1960-ies, when Europe re-used to the beautiful life, the shipyard has gained an excellent reputation. Primarily as a manufacturer of quality cruising yachts and runabouts, open boats for your boat trips. In 1967, Arcoa Yachts came into possession of a new group of investors. Was expanded lineup, replaced wood as the material of the housings, came the more modern fiberglass. Today, the production capacity of the shipyard are located in the city of Lorient. In the model range Arcoa Yachts five boats from runabouts to classic, 18-meter cabin with hardtop.

Yacht models


Length 10.00 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers
Length 11.20 m 1 Cabin 5 Passengers
Length 12.60 m 1 Cabin 10 Passengers
Length 13.80 m 2 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 16.65 m 3 Cabins 12 Passengers
Length 18.75 m 3 Cabins 12 Passengers

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