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the Builder Astondoa, whose history began in 1916, it can safely call itself the largest Spanish manufacturer of large yacht. The model range of the manufacturer impressive: in four plants belonging to the brand, the stocks every year descend about 100 yachts from 12 to 60 meters in length. In the portfolio of the shipyard are yachts made of fiberglass with flybridge and open type and constructed of steel yachts-Explorer. Note that Astondoa, a Spanish pioneer in the technology of vacuum infusion for molding the hulls of fiberglass.

the Manufacturer, of course, hints at the uniqueness of each of their models, however, about serious customization it is worth speaking only in the context of the line steel megayachts, in other cases, no doubt, will be offered the options of interior finishes and options for its layout. Furniture for Astondoa yachts are made in our factory in Almansa.

Yacht Astondoa easily recognizable, and it's not only a sporty look and sleek lines of the hull is a special style, look at least on the range >Top Deck.

Yacht models


Length 22.00 m 4 Cabins 12 Passengers
Length 29.45 m 4 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 16.65 m 3 Cabins 11 Passengers
Length 18.90 m 3 Cabins 18 Passengers
new from $ 2 429 719
Length 27.43 m 7 Cabins 12 Passengers
new from $ 1 064 143
Length 20.10 m 4 Cabins 12 Passengers
Length 23.20 m 4 Cabins 12 Passengers
new from $ 10 922 359
Length 37.00 m 5 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 14.40 m 3 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 19.12 m 2 Cabins 10 Passengers
new from $ 576 008
new from $ 8 753 619

Discontinued production models

Length 14.22 m 3 Cabins 10 Passengers 2012 - 2014

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