The world famous company Astondoa was founded in the small town of Portugaleta, where brothers Jesus and José Astondoa Martinez launched the production of trawlers and rowing boats, in their workshop more than 100 years ago. Production progressed at an active pace until the beginning of World War II, during which it was paused, but immediately after its end it was continued on an even larger scale. At that time, the main production lines of the shipyard were revised and the company switched to small fishing boats with pleasure boats. Changing directions, improving the quality of carpentry and, as a result, improving the quality of interior spaces - the models of that time gained wide popularity and secured a good reputation.

The peak of active industrial development of the shipyard fell on the 1960s-1970s. The company moved all its capacity to a new plant, in a small town on the Mediterranean coast - Santa Pola, Alicante, near which it also opened its largest marina at that time. After another 10 years, the corporation switched to more modern composite materials, abandoning wood.

Today Astondoa is the largest shipbuilding company in Spain. She has four major factories in different parts of the country, which allows her to produce over a hundred yachts a year. Almost all of the work is done by hand, as well as work on the famous shipyard furniture that is produced in Almans. Today the shipyard operates under the status of a family business, which is now run by the third generation of the Astondoa Martinez family.

The lineup consists of five lines and includes yachts from 12 to 60 meters in length:

  • The most compact vessels are represented by the Coupe line, almost all models of which are semi-enclosed yachts with a hardtop or open cruise ships, decorated in high-tech style.
  • The Top Deck series are mid-size yachts with an unusual and rather daring design, which are also produced without a superstructure, which gives the customer the maximum amount of open space. This amount of open space, coupled with an unusual design, allows the yachts to be positioned as models for parties, which Astondoa actually does.
  • The Century range includes semi-custom-style superyachts with metal hulls, and the Fly range includes medium-sized planing yachts with flybridge.

Astondoa became the first shipyard in Spain to introduce vacuum diffusion technology into its production. As a result, her research department owns a large number of patented developments in the composite materials industry, which made her ships lighter and stronger.

Yacht models


new from $ 555 103
new from $ 1 025 521


Length 18.90 m3 Cabins18 Passengers
new from $ 2 341 535


new from $ 8 435 914
new from $ 10 525 942

Discontinued production models

4 Cabins10 Passengers2007 - 2010
Length 14.22 m3 Cabins10 Passengers2012 - 2014
Length 14.40 m3 Cabins10 Passengers2006 - 2010
Length 16.65 m3 Cabins11 Passengers1998 - 2003
Length 19.12 m2 Cabins10 Passengers2017 - 2019
Length 20.10 m4 Cabins12 Passengers2006 - 2010
Length 22.00 m4 Cabins12 Passengers2004 - 2009
Length 22.20 m4 Cabins10 Passengers2008 - 2012
Length 23.20 m4 Cabins12 Passengers2012 - 2016
Length 24.69 m4 Cabins2015 - 2018
Length 27.43 m7 Cabins12 Passengers2017 - 2020
Length 27.45 m3 Cabins2017 - 2020
Length 29.45 m4 Cabins10 Passengers2011 - 2015
Length 37.00 m5 Cabins10 Passengers2004 - 2006

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