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company History

the Builder Atlantic Motoryachts was founded in the Netherlands more than 20 years ago. The company occupied a niche in the construction of fast aluminium motor boat and today enjoys great popularity.

the Latest model was designed in collaboration with the famous Dutch Studio Vripack. Yachts shipyards have a recognizable image with a large amount of glazing in the superstructure. Exterior of boat combines the strict Dutch style and smooth flowing lines.

company Status

At the moment the shipyard there and continues his work.


the Production capacity of the Atlantic Motoryachts are located at the factory in Vacume on the lake IJsselmeer through which there is access to the sea. In the construction of buildings used modern welding technology, many Assembly processes are performed manually, which guarantees the control and high quality boats.


the Shipyard produces >aluminum motor yachts ranging in length from 40 to 56 feet for a comfortable stay at sea. Presented at the end of 2017 A500 stands out among of the company's lineup: it comes in three trim levels — Pilot House, >there are >a fly.


If you need a reliable, safe and economical boat, yacht Atlantic Motoryachts will be a good solution. Thoughtful design, durable aluminum case and a traditional Dutch quality to command respect. These boats will help to feel confident in all weather conditions. Even more attractive Atlantic court makes a choice of the interior.

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