According to Orelian of Ponsana (Aurelien Poncin), founder of AP Yacht Conception brand Aureus Yachts born from the desire to shake the conventions, to combine speed and comfort, enjoy the stay at sea and modern >urban design that is different from the conservative "sea", adopted today.


it's No secret that in the shipbuilding industry dynastic ties play an important role. Family Pancan is one of the most respected among French shipbuilders. the Olivier Ponson (Olivier Poncin) was led by such brands as >Catana, Harmony and >Dufour. In 2011, Harmony Yachts, together with the production assets were transferred into the possession of Aureliano Ponzano son Olivier, for a nominal 1 Euro. Soon the company was renamed the AP Yacht Conception (AP — Aurelian Poncin). Together with the shipyard Aurelian inherited 3-year subcontract from Catana, which allowed the company to financial stability. Then began the history of the brand Aureus. This project Orelian Ponson brings to life his vision of modern sailboat that meets the needs of clients who are accustomed to urban luxury. More than two years were necessary for the team to create innovative yachts. The first building of the Aureus XV was launched in June 2013.


Workshops are AP Yacht in the French city of Maran, close to La Rochelle. The boatyard (about 60 workers) has everything necessary for a closed cycle of production, including the carpentry workshop, workshop for composite materials, furnace for carbon fiber and Atelier of the yachting furniture. Thus, Aureus Yacht has full control over the quality of their yachts. Individual approach to the construction of each boat eliminates mass production. Each launched boat created manually.


the Lineup Aureus is based on the same platform, designed by Italian architect Emanuel Rossi. It 15-meter Aureus XV, combining performance and comfort.
In this size shipyard produces 3 variants in different price categories: baseline Aureus XV, Essential and Absolute.

the Models are a combination of materials (from fiberglass to carbon fiber) and interior trim.


15-meter yacht Aureus combine style, excellent seaworthiness and comfort. They absorbed a huge amount of innovation that embodies all the possibilities Maxi yachts this size.

the manufacturing facility uses the latest infusion technology lightweight housings, hollow keel with T lead Bulba, a carbon-fiber mast. System management centralized and duplicated on each post that allows full control of the mast and rigging from any position of the steering.

Crowns the interior design of the highest class, providing the comfort of a private Villa in long sea cruises.

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