The Finnish company Axopar Boats was founded in 2014 and successfully debuted at the international exhibition in Helsinki, presenting the Axopar 28 Cabin pleasure boat. Based on her concept, the shipyard in the same year released five modified versions, among which were an open-top boat (Axopar 28 Open) and a superstructure (Axopar 28 T-Top) - this allowed her to become more famous and get resources for the development of production of new models.

The company was founded by Sakari Matilla and Jan-Erik Vitala - famous constructors and designers of marine vessels. They participated in the development of the world famous models Aquador, XO Boats, Paragon Yachts and applied their experience in the creation of new boats.

A unique approach to production, focused on the creation of universal ships, allowed the company to within a few years become one of the largest manufacturers in Scandinavia. At the moment, the brand's dealer network includes more than eighty representative offices in Europe, America and Asia.

Axopar Boats' main production facilities are located in Finland, and its headquarters are in the center of Helsinki. During its existence, the shipyard has manufactured more than 1,700 vessels. It has its own design office that develops unique design concepts.

The company manufactures sports and pleasure boats with fiberglass hulls in lengths from 7.5 to 11.5 meters. The models have an aggressive, angular design, and are equipped with the furnishings necessary for comfortable rest and sea sports. The Axopar Boats range includes multi-cabin boats with an enclosed saloon / hardtop (Cebine and HT series), SUVs with trawler cabinets (T-Top series), and center console fishing boats (Open series).

A key feature of the company's vessels is a deep angular hull, which ensures smooth running at any speed and good controllability. This design solution allows you to create versatile models that can be used for both measured walks and water sports. Additional passenger safety and improved travel are provided by the high bulwark. Each model made by the shipyard is available in several variants with different layouts, designed for relaxing or active recreation.

Yacht models


new from $ 47 401
new from $ 61 112

Hard Top

new from $ 49 743


new from $ 49 743
new from $ 68 386
new from $ 130 752


new from $ 71 562
new from $ 130 669
Length 11.20 m1 Cabin10 Passengers
new from $ 142 707


Length 11.20 m1 Cabin10 Passengers
new from $ 135 350

Discontinued production models

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