Azure Embark

Azure Embark

  • Italy

Tesla on water — so you can briefly describe these hybrid SUVs. Among the main priorities of the brand Azure Embark — caring about the environment and passenger safety, comfort and reliability.

company History

Azure Embark began in Sicily with a small Agency for organizing sea cruises and yacht rental. Now Azure Embark has a fleet worldwide of over 18 thousand boats which can be booked for charters. As well as its own shipyard where launched maneuverable and roomy hybrid crossovers Ethos. The owners prefer to remain in the shadows and not give interviews, but this closure did not prevent the popularity of boats of the Italian company.


Headquarters brand is Milan, and the shipyard is equipped with the most modern equipment, is located in Sicily. In production we use mainly the materials made from recycled materials, which allows to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.


Ethos 30 is maneuverable boats >with hardtop and closed the salon with a length of 9.5 metres, which can be attributed to >the SUVs with the trawler wheelhouse.

it is Well protected from the weather, these boats are ideal for year-round fishing, diving and water sports, as well as small cruises. The interior is like a spaceship: minimalist, glossy surfaces and chrome-plated parts, beige and white colors.


the Model shipyard are characterized by low power consumption, minimal emission of carbon dioxide. It is possible to install electric engine and solar panels. Besides ecology, the companies rely on security system: thanks to the inserts in the case of a special foam is unsinkable ship, special fender SBS protects the boat against mechanical impacts and damage when mooring to a pier, and built-in geolocation system will report the location in case of an emergency.

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