No Baglietto yacht is the same because every shipowner is exceptional, and every project born in our Shipyard reflects his / her uniqueness.

Our passion for yachting pushes us to work hard every day to offer our clients an exclusive, personal, and one-of-a-kind experience.


To build exceptional yachts that measure up to the shipowner's desires and the high standards of quality, style, and innovation, which have always distinguished Baglietto.


For over 165 years, we have delivered yachts that stand the test of time. These queens of the sea have a unique and contemporary design and follow our tailored approach, which combines tradition and innovation with excellent materials and high customization. The result is yachts as elegant and extraordinary as the Baglietto owners.

Yacht models


Length 13.77 m10 Passengers2015 - 2024
Length 19.50 m10 Passengers2016 - 2024
Length 33.45 m5 Cabins17 Passengers
Length 34.00 m5 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 36.00 m6 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 36.60 m5 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 36.70 m5 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 42.06 m6 Cabins12 Passengers

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