Baja Marine Corporation

Baja Marine Corporation

  • United States
  • Вашингтон, 1653 Whichards Beach Road Washington, NC 27889 Iconic Marine Group

company History

the Builder Baja Marine has its origins in 1971, when the four founders started working on the first design of their boats, gathered together on an abandoned rink. Soon the dreamers turned entrepreneurs, and already two years after the rudiments of the ambitious plans for the light was born the company Baja Boats and line 4, and 6-foot boats.

In subsequent years, was carried out painstaking work on the invention of new designs and custom solutions, making Baja Boats has gained the reputation of innovators.
In the new Millennium, nothing has changed: all Baja Boats also puts in first place of innovation and style.


Baja Boats shows off love for the advanced technology and unique design. Before releasing the ship, Baja conducts a series of tests and analyses in the region of the inner banks North Carolina in USA. A whole galaxy of treatments detects problems that could occur in production.


In the portfolio of the shipyard — >boat with >Cuddy cabin. The boatyard boat with all the amenities: sunbathing area, bathing platform and a powerful sound system — and allow you to relax and have a party.


Boats Baja stand out design of the deck and windscreen, which helped to minimize drag. Body True-V reinforced with carbon fiber, improves the stability of boats in all weather conditions.

Discontinued production models

Length 6.88 m6 Passengers2007 - 2012
Length 7.16 m6 Passengers2005 - 2013
Length 7.44 m6 Passengers2004 - 2012
Length 7.45 m8 Passengers2007 - 2014
Length 7.92 m6 Passengers2004 - 2016
Length 8.36 m10 Passengers2007 - 2014
Length 9.17 m8 Passengers2004 - 2017
Length 10.66 m8 Passengers2005 - 2017

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