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Bali Fiberglass

Our story began nearly four decades ago when our company founder and family patriarch, Bapak Johanes Haris Kencana, was looking for a small boat to help him to better enjoy his love for fishing. Not satisfied with what there was on offer, and certain there were better options outside the traditional wooden boats mostly available in Bali, Pak Haris decided he would take matters into his own hands and build a boat for himself. To do so, he needed a material that is lightweight yet durable; one that is easy to repair and requires low maintenance; a material that is easily shaped and easy to acquire. Naturally, fiberglass would be his material of choice.

Not one to rest on a basic knowledge to complete his endeavor, Pak Haris befriended a respected fiberglass expert from New Zealand, who was, at the time,living in Bali. After months of studying the craft of fiberglass fabrication, Pak Haris finally completed his custom boat. The result was so good that before long, his friends began asking him to manufacture boats for them. And thus, Bali Fiberglass was born.

Bali Fiberglass has since grown to become one of Indonesia’s leading fiberglass manufactures with a range of products that spans across multiple industries, including marine and boating, hotel and hospitality, infrastructure and architecture, and artistic design.

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are conveniently located a stone’s throw away from the waterfront village of Sanur, Bali, with direct marine access to popular mooring and rest-over spots Serangan Island and Benoa Harbor.

Fiberglass boat building and marine services remain the cornerstone of our business. With in-house capabilities to fabricate custom made fiberglass boats specified to international standards, our boats have application to any number of marine industries, including fishing, diving, shuttle service, marine archeology, surf and rescue and more. Bali Fiberglass has earned the reputation of being the region’s premier fiberglass boat building company.

Our 5500 square-meter, full-service boatyard is located on a main estuary on the outskirts of Sanur and Serangan Island, with direct access to Benoa Harbor and is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable boating professionals skilled in all manner of boat repair and maintenance.

The Bali Fiberglass boatyard is Bali’s only full-service, international standard boatyard constructed to accommodate fiberglass boats up to 30 tons in weight and twenty meters in length.

All of our products and services are driven by our core tenets of quality, longevity and safety, values that our long list of valued customers have grown to trust and expect from us and of which we are proud to continue to operate by.

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