Barents Boats

Barents Boats

company History

Founded in 2011 in Arkhangelsk >"Northern Shipbuilding Company" is engaged in production of simple and reliable aluminum boats under the brand Barents Boats. They are intended for the private sector, the transport industry and emergency services. To obtain a strong position in the domestic market the company helped the Dutch. In creating the project involved a famous Studio Bruce Roberts Europe BV.

Boats meet Russian safety standards, but the standards of the European Bureau. The court Barents was developed specifically for the rigors of Northern latitudes and are characterized by high strength, simplicity of operation and reliability.


the Company continues to work. Today the products of the shipyard presented in 30 cities of Russia from Kaliningrad to Anadyr and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


the Boats of the brand Barents produced at the plant located in the city of Arkhangelsk in which the navigation originated in the late sixteenth century. Used in the construction of welded construction that provides high strength boats. For the shells are used high quality aluminum alloys the European brands, corrosion resistant.

the Shipyard also provides repair services for other manufacturers boats.


the range includes the Barents small >aluminum vessels with a length from 4 to 13 meters. For ease of use on boats up to 8 meters, designed >for fishing, set >outboard motors. If you want to spend on vacation or for fishing more than one day has a model >with >Cuddy cabin.

Multifunctional >cabin boat with hardtop and private lounge, as well as >boats-SUVs with trawler cabin can withstand any weather conditions.


the Main aim of the Barents boats that are functional. There is no room for luxury interiors or useless elements. Every detail is in place and is made as simple as possible.

Boats of the shipyard can easily cope with waves more than one metre and is able to develop a decent speed. The company's employees constantly improve their skills: many professionals are obucheniia German shipyards adopting the experience of Western colleagues.

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