the Builder Benetti — the true Patriarch of Italian shipbuilding, is a leading counting from 1873. The founder of the brand Lorenzo Benetti began with a small wooden boat, and now owned by >Azimut Yachts shipyard produces fiberglass and aluminum superyacht with a length of 30-90 m.

From the point of view of the Benetti yacht design rather conservative, but many years of primacy in the world order book strengthened the company image of the Creator of the classic yacht. Thanks to the design of restraint and the highest production quality of its boats were slowly losing their value and are always in demand on the secondary market. When designing buildings the transition and the >displacement type, the company relies on its large design bureaus, is working with two dozen design studios and pays special attention to the environmental sustainability of its boats.

the Shipyard was one of the first to integrate navigation, service and entertainment system in a single platform, and used a revolutionary robotic processing circuit housings Recyta. For all time of existence of Benetti, with its stocks fell more than 300 boats, and she was recognized as a world leader in the superyacht industry.

Yacht models


Length 30.00 m 5 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 30.00 m 4 Cabins 36 Passengers
Length 30.20 m 4 Cabins 8 Passengers
Length 34.95 m 5 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 36.90 m 6 Cabins 12 Passengers
Length 37.00 m 5 Cabins 12 Passengers
Length 38.00 m 5 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 47.00 m 6 Cabins 12 Passengers

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