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Benetti Sail Division

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Brand Benetti Sail Division was initially part of the company Fratelli Benetti, a family company, in which Riccardo Benetti (Riccardo Benetti) helped his father. In 1981, Benetti Sail Division became an independent company, and Riccardo Benetti — its chief architect.

Riccardo recalls how he, being a boy of ten, was walking with his grandfather near a new boat, and he said, "Remember: this yacht will carry on the waves of families with young children — like you — and we need to pay much attention to its design". Benetti for life remember the words of my grandfather that the Creator of the yacht is responsible for the lives of passengers and crew. Priority for Benetti is still security.

Now, Benetti Sail Division has entered into a partnership with a Chinese group of companies SGOG, known for the production of cargo and commercial vessels, and developing a motor yacht under the name Benetti Sail Division shipyard Shanghai. This brand is a leader in the production of steel and aluminum motor yachts >displacement type.


the plant is located in Shanghai in the shipyards Jiangnan shipyard. Partnership with CGOG allows Benetti Sail Division to combine its experience in ship construction and technical features of CGOG and the huge production capacity of the Shanghai shipyard. Together with Riccardo Benetti design and yacht design work Luca Brenta (Brenta Luca) and Simone marconcini was (Simone Marconcini).


a Lineup of company includes several dozen buildings. In the directory listed >superyachts, cruising yachts closed >with hardtop, semi-displacement expedition yachts, and yachts with >the raised pilothouse. Development of new products is ongoing, but all models remain true to the principles of the company.


In 2009, the shipyard has released the yacht Gran Cru. Fromuznavaema hull shape resembling a canoe, has become a signature feature of all of the yacht Benetti Sail Division in length from 80 to 131 feet. Material for buildings, as in the beginning of the history of the brand, are steel and aluminum.

Motor yacht Benetti Sail Division known worldwide for quality, classic Italian design and modern technology.

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