When the great Russian Navigator, Vitus Bering went to Kamchatka expedition, opened Alaska and reached America in 1741 — he didn't know what his name will be called American Builder. That is what happened in 2007. Under the brand Bering Yachts Ocean began to produce heavy-duty steel yachts 55-115 ft (17 to 35 m). They were perfect for traveling in harsh conditions. Bering could do a lot more discoveries if in his time it was released such judgment.

as a prototype of the Bering yachts Ocean Yachts selected Norwegian trawler, so they can withstand even a storm in the North sea. The model range is developed in 3 ways: Classic (classical), Contemporary (present) and Coastal Cruiser (coastal cruiser). All Bering yachts Ocean Yachts made of steel, which is much better than the cheaper fiberglass (GFRP) and any of the composite to withstand loads, because safer and iznosoustojchivoe other materials.

For all models of the Bering Yachts characterized by sharp cheekbones and a bulbous nose. It's not just a fashion or style — such shape provides stability and reduces pitching. On this yacht you can travel around the world, and not parting with the usual amenities. Security — maximum. Everything is provided: the housing is divided by a steel bulkhead and it is almost impossible to break, there is protection of the propeller blades, most business systems are duplicated, integrated hybrid propulsion system. On such vessels to cross the ocean or to organize cruises along the coast.

Discontinued production models

Length 14.93 m 3 Cabins 6 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 16.93 m 5 Cabins 10 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 20.00 m 5 Cabins 10 Passengers 2012 - 2014
Length 24.00 m 3 Cabins 8 Passengers 2013 - 2015

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