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company History

the Company "eagle Marin" is engaged in the construction of aluminum boats since 2009. The shipyard was founded in St. Petersburg — the cradle of Russian shipbuilding. For nearly a decade, the company has managed to design more than 100 models for mass production.

the Boat company enjoyed great success, as in Russia and abroad, making a worthy competition to foreign analogues. Besides the high quality products "eagle Marin" attractive price, so export volumes gradually increase.

the Implementation is made through a spread network of dealers. On the territory of Russia has more than 60 stores, not counting authorized service centers.


today, the company continues to work and improving their skills in shipbuilding, introducing new technology and following current trends.

the Production

Production facilities "eagle Marin" located in Leningrad region. For the manufacture of shells used with modern aluminum alloy AMG5. The choice of the client is offered the boat as a complete package with engine or without it. Also, the factory is sewing awnings, covers, upholstering seats and production seats for any watercraft.


to Understand the model number of shipyards is not difficult. The manufacturer has tried to simplify the choice for buyers, grouping boats in series depending on the size S, M, L and XXL. Apart from them is a new line Active, which include boats with a sealed hollow compartments in the hull to improve buoyancy.

the Berkut Builder manufactures aluminum >boats with outboard motor for fishing and recreation, also in the lineup meet >boat with hardtop and >bourgery.


sanctions against Russia in 2014, imposed restrictions on the supply of parts from abroad. Up to this point shipyard Berkut ordered some plastic elements for the housing for foreign enterprises. The engineers quickly made some modifications and replaced parts aluminum counterparts. As a result, the boat turned out to be more robust and reliable.

Yacht models



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