Bilgin Yachts

Bilgin Yachts


Bilgin Yachts operates 4 shipyards covering almost 40,000 square-meters in the greater Istanbul area, with its headquarters based in Küçükçekmece. The Küçükçekmece facility is a 7,000 square-meter shipyard with the capacity to build 4 boats simultaneously. One of our hangars has the capacity to build 40-45 meter vessels, while we can build 2 boats up to 55 meters in the other one. Also a portable hangar is available at this facility, in which we can build vessels up to 60 meters. We have two separate shipyards in Yalova counting 11.000sqm where we build our steel hulls, aluminium superstructures and do major plumbing and infrastructure works before launching them and toe to our new shipyard at the West Istanbul marina for outfitting and finishing. Our new shipyard consists of two 105m x 26m and two 85m x 28m hangars offices and uncovered area of almost 14.000sqm.

Marine Furniture Factory

Our marine furniture factory is now a high end 5,000 sqm facility in which we can produce some of the highest quality products in the market. It is one of the assets that we are proud to present to our clients since it enables them to get full custom interiors with the highest quality finishes.

Marine Stainless Steel Workshop

Our marine stainless steel workshop is a fully-equipped 2,500 sqm facility manned by a highly skilled 40 workforce, producing everything from stainless steel and aluminium accessories to weather and water tight doors, cranes and deck cranes to rope leads bollards, deck railings and a variety of hydraulic passarelas and systems.

Yacht models


Length 29.50 m4 Cabins23 Passengers
Length 33.40 m5 Cabins10 Passengers2010 - 2024
Length 34.70 m4 Cabins8 Passengers2010 - 2024
Length 37.60 m4 Cabins8 Passengers2010 - 2024
Length 40.30 m4 Cabins8 Passengers2012 - 2024
Length 44.88 m6 Cabins14 Passengers2011 - 2024
Length 45.00 m6 Cabins14 Passengers2014 - 2024
Length 46.80 m6 Cabins16 Passengers2016 - 2024
Length 47.50 m5 Cabins10 Passengers2018 - 2024
Length 47.50 m5 Cabins10 Passengers2017 - 2024
Length 48.70 m6 Cabins12 Passengers2012 - 2024
Length 48.70 m5 Cabins10 Passengers2015 - 2024
Length 51.80 m5 Cabins12 Passengers2015 - 2024
Length 67.00 m6 Cabins12 Passengers2019 - 2024
Length 80.00 m8 Cabins12 Passengers2019 - 2024
Length 80.00 m8 Cabins12 Passengers2019 - 2024

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