Black Sea Yachts

Black Sea Yachts

  • Ukraine
  • Николаев, ул. Почтовая 2-В ООО "Черноморская яхтенная верфь"

Black Sea Yachts Shipyard was established in 2006, combining age-old tradition of shipbuilding and the European approach to the quality and reliability of manufactured yachts. The cradle was a city founded as a shipyard in 1787, and brought up many generations of yachtsmen and professionals of shipbuilding.

Yachts Black Sea Yachts are built of steel and aluminium A-class, area of navigation is unlimited. The entire process – from the planning stage to the descent of the yachts into the water is controlled by the European classification society, which the customer chooses.

One of the features of the shipyard – the construction of motor yachts and sailboats. Own design office with a team of experienced marine engineers gives the opportunity to create the yacht has an excellent seakeeping, quality and reliability.

Black Sea Yachts Shipyard offers its customers custom and semi-custom yachts, which, despite its small size of up to 40 meters, the level of saturation of high-tech, and finish not inferior to large super yachts manufacturers in the world.