Blu Martin Yachts

Blu Martin Yachts

When we design, engineering and build a new Blu Martin yacht we develop her with each and every Owner’s dream in mind along with his desires and his boating lifestyle. We create custom yachts with the Owner’s continuous input, a mutual benefit approach similar to a tailor shop, where the client brings himself and his personal style and the tailor maximizes the final result with his knowledge, experience and attention to detail.

Fascinating and reliable yachts where you feel surrounded by world class quality, functionality and the latest tecnologies; custom yachts where personalization is not an optional but a prerequisite to take advantage of with pleasure and passion.

Since 2013 Blu Martin is part of Sea Engineering Group, the mother company who believed in the value of the brand and decided to invest resources and knowledge, allowing Blu Martin to reach new and ambitious goals offering Owners around the world even more hi-tech and exciting yachts.

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