Like many shipyards in the world, Boarnstream began as a hobby. The future founder of the shipyard Hank Hokwerda (Henk Hokwerda) lived in the small Frisian village of Jirnsum (Jirnsum) and every day sailed to school in a rowboat. Once together with his brother he decided to upgrade the boats with sails and later motor, which the brothers found in a landfill. br>
In 1964, the hobby grew into a professional activity, and on light there was a small workshop, building wooden boats. Later the company tried to work with metal, to be a good experience. After half a century Boarnstream International Marine Group has become a globally recognized brand and offers a full range of yacht services, from building yachts to their refurbishment, maintenance, refita and winter storage at a private Marina and shipyard hangars. br>
In the portfolio Boarnstream four lines of the yacht marine Explorer steel case Retro Line, full-displacement motor yacht with steel hull mnogobrojnim Classic line, motor cruisers for canals and rivers New Line and modern Dutch art Nouveau also in stainless steel Elegance. In addition, the brokerage division of the company responsible for sales of the Norwegian high-speed fiberglass boats Marex, as well as the secondary sale of Boarnstream. br>
the Company is still family — production processes leads the second generation of Hokwerda, and the founder of the shipyard, retired, continues to generate ideas.

Yacht models


Length 12.85 m2 Cabins8 Passengers
Length 12.85 m2 Cabins8 Passengers
Length 14.00 m2 Cabins8 Passengers

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