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company History

the Company Brig came to light in 1993 in the Ukrainian Kharkiv, one of the centers of the Soviet aviation industry. In this difficult time for the country's founder, Vyacheslav Rodionov, was able to attract military aviation engineers found themselves out of business, for the design and manufacture of inflatable boats and RIBов.

Boats within 800 km from the sea became engaged accidentally to survive.

the First batch of boats made from Soviet materials, was sent to Swedish customers back. Since then, the company has redefined the development strategy and began to use the highest quality products, imported and their own development.

In 1999, the shipyard produced the first fiberglass RIB, and soon began her ascent to the top of the market. The model, in addition to reliability and seaworthiness, gained more and visual appeal.

"It was not so much evolution, as the revolution of the concept of the RIB," says Neil Webster, a representative exclusive distributor of the brand in Australia, where the products of the Brig occupies 70% of the market.

To date, along with the French Brig >Zodiac — the main players on the world market in the segment of RIB. The company has a wide distribution network around the world, while in Ukraine not-so-famous.



the Brig plant area of 6000 square meters, is located in the city of Dergachi Kharkiv region, involving more than 200 specialists. Every year there is about 2000 boats cost from 5 to 100 thousand dollars.


the Lineup

the Shipyard offers a wide range of boats like the RIB from 3 to 10 m for professional use and recreation, including >requirements.



Who would have thought that the design RIBов can be so high-tech?

"We're all physicists, mathematicians and engineers. Needless to say, the design and construction of the boats was logical" — joked the head of the company Vyacheslav Rodionov.

however, the application of achievements of defense industry in the sphere of Aero - and hydrodynamics have significantly improved seakeeping and performance boats Brig.

Yacht models


Length 4.80 m 8 Passengers 2014 - 2021
Length 5.80 m 10 Passengers 2013 - 2021
Length 7.85 m 16 Passengers 2013 - 2021

Discontinued production models

Length 2.00 m 2 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 2.40 m 2 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 2.65 m 3 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 2.65 m 3 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 2.75 m 4 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 2.85 m 3 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 3.00 m 4 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 3.15 m 4 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 3.30 m 4 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 3.50 m 4 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 3.80 m 5 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 4.20 m 8 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 4.60 m 9 Passengers 2013 - 2015
Length 5.00 m 8 Passengers 2013 - 2015

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