The Italian company Cantieri Capelli was founded by David Capelli in 1974. Production began with fiberglass flat-bottomed river boats, followed by new types of sports canoes. Success came in 1986 after the 4.7-meter Fisherman was shown at the boat show in Genoa, since 1992 the production of inflatable boats with fiberglass keel has begun.

The production is located in Spinadesco, Lombardy region, Northern Italy, and is represented by separate sectors, divided by stages of the production process, which provides the efficiency typical of large industries. High-quality materials are used in the decoration, they devote a lot of time to the quality of work, they use all the accumulated experience in planning and design, each component is tested several times before assembly.

Capelli produces 17 fiberglass boats and 47 ribs. The boats are presented in four lines. You can relax with your family and go fishing on Osia 315, and the Dino hardtop boats with enclosed saloon, dedicated to the founder David “Dino” Capelli, are suitable for any weather. The CAP series includes boats with a bow cabin and several models with a center console, Freedom - open deck boats.

RIBs are represented by eight lines in all segments of boats with inflatable boards. Work LINE is suitable to satisfy the most varied needs of the owners, Luxury and Top are fast and comfortable, Tender tender lines and Yacht Tender. The new concept is represented by the Bow Rider 65, the family version - the simple design and equipment of the Easy LINE models. For fishing enthusiasts, the Fishing LINE length from 4 to 10 m has been developed, which includes the Apnea models for spearfishing and freediving.

In 2019, in Slovenia, according to the VAL NAVTIKA magazine, Tempest 44 and 800 models were nominated for the Yacht of the Year Award in the RIB category over 7 meters.

Cantieri Capelli is represented by 36 distributors worldwide.

Yacht models

Easy Line

new from $ 23 130
new from $ 36 644

Top Line

new from $ 48 696
new from $ 63 089
new from $ 70 540
new from $ 71 813
new from $ 96 599
Length 7.91 m1 Cabin12 Passengers
new from $ 155 769
Length 9.30 m1 Cabin12 Passengers
new from $ 162 593
Length 9.30 m1 Cabin2 Passengers
Length 9.60 m1 Cabin18 Passengers
Length 9.60 m1 Cabin22 Passengers
new from $ 122 539

Cap Line

Length 8.15 m1 Cabin7 Passengers
Length 9.70 m2 Cabins8 Passengers

Fishing Line

new from $ 42 153

Discontinued production models

Length 6.25 m9 Passengers2011 - 2015
Length 6.30 m10 Passengers2013 - 2015
Length 6.30 m10 Passengers2014 - 2016
Length 6.84 m14 Passengers2005 - 2010
Length 6.90 m16 Passengers2005 - 2010
Length 7.00 m11 Passengers2016 - 2020
new from $ 61 307

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