Speaking about the brand, it's impossible not to recall don Aronow — famous racer, who wrote many glorious lines in Chronicles vodnomotornyy battles. Moved in the early 60's in Miami, don step-by-step founded there a number of shipyards, all as one exclusively produced racing boats. Here it is a fan, this Aronow! He drew lines, he built, he then raced... Last opened to them by the shipyard Cigarette Racing was named in memory of smuggling speedboats carrying at the time of prohibition from Canada to the States alcohol, and later cigars. Whatever it was, the new boat with almost 1000-strong gut in the first race comes with a large margin. All just in awe Aronow and his "Cigarettes", which immediately becomes superrandom. 15 years the company flourished. However, in 1984, don sold Cigarette Racing and the shipyard began a period of change: for the past 20 years, the company will replace the owner, the production will be reduced and will move to a new place. But it still makes a great boat, periodically updating the model range. However, boats are different now: in today's "Cigarettes" more attention paid to the comfort and "chips", but their speed remains an essential attribute of the brand.

Yacht models


Length 10.00 m1 Cabin6 Passengers

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