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company History

Brand Clipper has a rich and interesting history. Boats of this brand was very popular in Australia 70-80 of the last century. Even today, constructed at the time of the court are in high demand at the moreman.

the Aussie Darren berry (Darren Berry) has decided to expand its business and to engage in the construction of boats, he didn't want to come up with a new brand and decided to revive Clipper, which by that time had not produced yachts. Gathering a team of like-minded people, Darren has carried out his plan, and today the yachts the shipyard can be found in different parts of the globe.


the Company Clipper Motor Yachts continues to release ships for the private sector and is extending the model series.


For the construction of the yacht the company has chosen Chinese shipyard FuHua Shipbuilding, located in Ningbo. The decision was due to the fact that previously there was built the "old" Clipper boats — the company was even a part of the equipment and the staff has the necessary expertise.

to maintain high quality products, the company has a large international staff residing in China. Every day they are present at the shipyard and exercise control at each stage of the work.


the range includes fiberglass >semi-displacement boat length from 14 to 20 meters luxury segment, designed for extended stay and travel. Clipper portfolio are represented by three rulers.

a Series of Cordova consists of spacious models >flybridge with panoramic Windows of the salon. the Hudson Bay — is >closed cruise cabin with hardtop, made in classic style >lobster-bots "gozzo". Line Explorer, as the name implies, presents models of >the forwarding class and trawlers.


All project work carried out by experts world-class. Equipment and tooling, including molds, develop Australian engineers, and the Assembly is tight control. For additional benefits you can add a warranty on the boat, which is three years. All this has allowed Clipper Motor Yachts to become one of the leaders in the sale of yachts in the southern hemisphere.

Discontinued production models

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