Today, the worldwide famous French shipyard CNB is a powerful >Benetau Group, however, until 1992, she was breaking through. Founded in 1987, the company initially specialized in the production of aluminium superstructures for super yachts and later debuted as an independent shipbuilder.

the Backbone of the model range of the shipyard are sailing semi-custom yacht with a length of 60-180 feet. At the end of the twentieth century, CNB has got the experience of building the workers and fishing vessels, and this allows the shipyard, no less successfully to produce a motor yacht and even >catamarans. It is on the stocks at CNB since 1999, done all of Multihull craft famous brand >Lagoon over a length of 50 feet.

the company cooperates With such famous designers as Philippe Briand, bill Dixon and Herman Frers, to ensure yachts CNB for more than a dozen awards. The shipyard mastered working with light alloys and composite materials, and its boats are not only successful ocean cruisers, but great racing by the courts. At the CNB factory in Bordeaux, which is adjacent to the famous wineries, employs more than 500 skilled employees, and for all time, the company has built nearly a hundred yachts, of which 80% was exported.


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