Custom Line

Custom Line

Brand Custom Line belongs to the group of companies Ferretti Group. He appeared in 1996 as a response to the increasing demand for larger yachts than I could at that time offer Builder >Ferretti Yachts built motor yacht with flybridge from 12 to 25 meters in length. The company decided to gain more serious segment of the market and make an offer to Ferretti loyal customers, whose requests for yachts increased.

Today, Custom Line's flybridge yachts with planing hulls and semi-displacement type of 28 meters in length with lots of customization options.

Yachts Custom Line of high-tech, they are equipped with modern systems developed in the depths of our own research and development center, among such inventions is filled with water the garage for the tender.

Custom Line offers owners a wide range of after-sales service. In addition, in-house service school the Ferretti Group trained technical specialists, global dealer network technological features of the brand and models produced.

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