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the American shipbuilding company EdgeWater has existed since 1992, when Bob Dougherty (Bob Dougherty), dozens of years worked as an engineer at the famous shipyard Boston Whaler, decided to open a business to build boats of new generation using the most modern technologies.

EdgeWater Boats quickly became popular thanks to a combination of flooding, reliability and economy. The technology applied by the company, allowed to make their case with unprecedented light.

"Our first priority is to build the safest boats. The second is to make them the best on road performance," notes Dougherty.


the company's Production base is a modern shipyard in the city of Central Park in Florida. EdgeWater housing consists of 100% composite materials, they do not use wooden elements. They are made by hand and designed for a long service life. Firm deliberately refused to use budget components in equipping their boats using only the top components. The official supplier of motors is a Yamaha.


EdgeWater produces a whole range of boats for fishing and recreation> with an outboard motor — from light 15 ft solid 37-foot.

a Series of Heritage — compact and light open boat, designed for a variety of operating conditions. Series Central Consoles, as the name suggests, boats >center console length from 23 to 31 feet and a rich equipment. Series Crossover combines comfort >Borimirov and dignity centre console with a length of 24-28 feet.


the Main "highlight" of all boats, EdgeWater is a lightweight, durable and unsinkable composite body. The use of technology, Single Piece Infusion with complete filling of the internal space of the polymer foam allows you to combine reliability and excellent performance quality. A significant reduction in weight improves driving dynamics and efficiency of these boats, reduces operating costs.

For the shells used V-shaped lines with variable degree deadrise. This allows to optimally combine stability, speed and comfort on the water.

an Interesting feature of the service is its own online Configurator. It allows you to not leaving the house to personalize the boat to know the price of the chosen configuration and immediately place the order.

Yacht models


Length 4.30 m 4 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 4.60 m 5 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 6.00 m 8 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 6.50 m 6 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 6.70 m 6 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 6.80 m 9 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 6.85 m 9 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 6.90 m 11 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 7.30 m 8 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 7.47 m 11 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 8.20 m 12 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 9.60 m 12 Passengers 2013 - 2020
Length 9.90 m 14 Passengers 2013 - 2020

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