Enterprise Marine

Enterprise Marine

  • Italy

company History

the Builder Enterprise Marine was founded by Nevio, Forcellini Mazzoni (Nevio Forcellini Mazzoni) in 1984 in the small Italian town of Forli, located 19 kilometers from the coast.

Like many other shipyards, the company started with the production of small boats, gradually expanding the range of growing models. In the end, Enterprise has taken the Marine construction segment of luxury yachts with flybridge.


currently, the shipyard does not build submarines.


All the production processes took place on the objects in the Forli. Thus, to ensure high quality and reliability of boats, the company was involved in all phases of construction themselves. The whole cycle of works from design to launch was carried out without the involvement of contractors.

For interior decoration used high-quality durable materials, such as sessile oak, cherry, Corian, etc.


Model number Marine Enterprise consists of >a planing boat with a fly bridge with a length of 12 to 19 meters. This is a fast yacht which is made in the Italian style, with smooth lines and extensive glazing of the cabin.

When designing, special attention was paid to the comfort of owner and guests. The manufacturer is not chasing the number of premises, for example, in the smallest 12-meterEM 420 below deck is just two cabins, but they've got their own bathrooms and a decent size.


the Manufacturer tried to maximize ease of construction without loss of strength, therefore, as the main material for buildings was selected fiberglass. Light weight allows you to set the engines of smaller power, and also to improve the performance of your boat and reduce fuel consumption.

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