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company History

the Founders of the famous shipyard >Nimbus, Hans (Hans) and Lars Wiklund (Wiklund Lars), decided to create a new boat that would meet modern trends of Scandinavian shipbuilding. Simple, fast, economical and reliable. With that idea in 2010, they turned to the team of designers from Mannerfelt. So was born the new brand Epoca.

the Eminent Studio fully able to translate customer expectations into reality. Designed boat got a folding transom, which can be used as a bathing platform or a place for transportation of the tender, separate toilet, control panel, no frills and more.


Today'epoca successfully continues its work and expands the range.


as a production site was chosen shipyard Thore Berntsson Boat Construction AB, located on the West coast Sweden, Northwest from Gothenburg. For the construction of buildings used composite materials using the method of vacuum infusion, which provides maximum strength with minimum weight.


the range includes Epoca yachts Cope, Sport and Open with a length from 7 to 8.15 meters. This is the model >outboard motor boats of the type >"walkaround" and >with the center console. Boats designed in a modern style, which can be traced to the classic line.


the Use of modern technologies, allowing to reduce the weight of the vessel, properly designed stage housing and a properly selected engine make boats'epoca real economical. Depending on the model and configuration the maximum speed of the boats ranges from 26 to 32 knots, while fuel consumption is only 1 litre per nautical mile.

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