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company History

Brazilian shipyard Fibrafort appeared in 1990 in the city of itajaí in the state Santa Catarina. It is the largest South American Builder producing sport and pleasure motor yachts and boats in size from 16 to 40 feet. During its existence, issued more than 15,000 yachts for owners from around the world.

the Brand is officially represented in 43 countries and first attracted by the simple, thoughtful, but at the same time, technological designs, in which there is nothing superfluous.

Fibrafort plans to set the standard for pleasure boats in Brazil and in the world, and striving to optimize its work, the partnership with Porsche.

"the Boat is a lot like Porsche: you sell not a thing but an emotion, — said General Director of Porsche Consulting Rudiger of Loic (Rudiger Leutz). And we will make Fibrafort sea Brazilian Porsche".

Experts from the German company Fibrafort help to establish workflows, manage expenses, production and design of boats, and to improve the quality and reliability of the products.


Yachts and boats Fibrafort are created in Brazil on an area of more than 7 000 sq. m. Development and production of yachts accurately follow established company processes, making Fibrafort is possible to achieve the quality and safety conforming to international standards. The company is actively using automation and modern technology in building a yacht and striving for maximum efficiency.


the company believes that it produces yachts with the "modern design with a bias in the tropics", suitable primarily for the domestic market, but also in demand in other countries. A variety of enclosure options, floor plans and options allow you to choose a yacht to suit every taste and for any requirements: is >sedans, >cabin boats, >bowrider, boats> Cuddy cabin, >with an outboard motor, as well as >sports towing.


Fibrafort Boats are famous for quality and well thought out designs. Their main feature is the fiberglass hull, which gave the name of the firm. The owners of the first note of the usability of the Fibrafort yachts, wisely located storage space and a small draught.

Yacht models


Length 6.39 m 2 Cabins 7 Passengers
Length 9.33 m 1 Cabin 10 Passengers
Length 10.20 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers

Discontinued production models

Length 6.17 m 8 Passengers 2011 - 2016
Length 7.00 m 7 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 7.35 m 10 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 8.32 m 10 Passengers 2013 - 2016
Length 8.32 m 10 Passengers 2010 - 2016
Length 8.82 m 4 Cabins 10 Passengers 2011 - 2016
Length 9.64 m 12 Passengers 2014 - 2016

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