Manufacturer of yachts under the brand Finnmaster deals with a young Finnish shipyard Finn-Marin founded on the Gulf of Bothnia in 1990. It is also known for premium boats >Grandezza. Today, the production capacity Finn-Marin are located in two locations: the cities of Kokkola (here is the headquarters) and Kalajoki.

Finnmaster upholds the tradition of Scandinavian shipbuilding and build a strong motor yachts of high quality material, which will serve the owner for many years in any weather. Special attention is paid Finns environment: materials, engines and production meet the latest green standards in the industry. The shipyard is seriously invested in research and development and innovation in the shipbuilding process.

2013 Finnmaster produces yachts of different purposes — from practical boat for fishing to a comfortable family boat for trips on the weekend. The range includes Finnmaster bowrider, pleasure boats, open and closed cruise boats as well as boats with a cabin. In each of its boats, the Finns added what they call smart design, all sorts of clever "buns", making the stay on Board pleasant and safe.

Yacht Finnmaster demand in Northern countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Estonia.

Yacht models


Length 4.85 m5 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 5.70 m6 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 5.70 m6 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 5.70 m5 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 5.83 m7 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 6.01 m1 Cabin6 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 6.01 m6 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 6.40 m1 Cabin6 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 6.60 m6 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 7.00 m1 Cabin10 Passengers

Discontinued production models

Length 5.00 m5 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 5.30 m5 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 6.01 m6 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 6.80 m1 Cabin6 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 7.60 m1 Cabin6 Passengers2013 - 2014

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