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company History

the Polish shipyard Galeon, a popular manufacturer of yachts and boats, was founded in 1982 as a private family enterprise. It is located in the city of Strain near gdańsk — one of the main centers of European shipbuilding. The company eventually managed to become, perhaps, the only Polish manufacturer of yacht, which has worldwide recognition. In conditions of tough competition with European manufacturers, the company is actively developing new technology improves the quality of materials and workmanship, collaborates with famous designers. In 2002, the leadership of the shipyard decided on the allocation of production boats up to 8 m in length in a separate direction under the brand Galia.


Production >Galeon occupies an area of over 18 000 sq. m. In six spacious workshops involved about a thousand specialists. The work is carried out mostly manually.

the Production of a full cycle: from design to launching a boat into the water. Components of wood, steel and glass are also produced on their own. Not so long ago, Galeon has built a second factory on the banks of the Vistula, which will enable the shipyard to build larger vessels. It has direct access to the Baltic sea and a private Marina. Production volumes up to 2000 boats a year.


Pleasure boats Galia are 14 stylish models made of fiberglass with >outboard motor length from 4.8 to 7.6 m. Among them there are >open options >hardcopy boats with semi-closed or closed facilities, as well as >bourgery and models with >Cuddy cabin.


the Lineup of boats Galia covers a wide variety of constructive options to find a boat to suit your needs would be easy, and the purse is not too burdensome. The company's products in terms of the ratio price/quality is consistently delight consumers. It is also worth noting that the production boats Galia used a lot of methods and techniques used in their luxury "fellow".

Discontinued production models

Length 4.77 m 4 Passengers 2010 - 2012
Length 5.55 m 6 Passengers 2010 - 2012
Length 6.19 m 6 Passengers 2010 - 2012

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