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Grand Banks

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Grand Banks is actually brand No.1 in the category of "gliding expedition yachts and trawlers". These boats are more expensive than competitors, but are renowned for their high quality and indestructibility, in the current age of "disposable" boats, they are longer than all the others.

the Story of the Grand Banks began in 1956, when the family of the Newtons (father and two sons) founded in Hong Kong, the shipyard and called it the American Marine. It built sailing and motor yachts designs by famous naval architects Sparkman &Stephens, William Garden, Nat Herreshoff, Ray Hunt.

In 1962, the Newtons bought Kenneth Smith to design a 36-foot diesel boat. Such obedient workhorse. They were so inspired by the created by Smith's motor boat that they decide to make their own brand with production in Singapore.

First, wooden series called the Heritage. The first yacht would later become classics. In 1973 Grand Banks boats "dressed" in the fiberglass. A successful design Heritage has not gone unnoticed, and yards-competitors have done a lot of doubles. Grand Banks at the same time relied on the quality of construction.

Another line appeared in 1993 — it's called Eastbay, for it was based on lobster boat design, boats for catching lobster. Its characteristic features: dark blue hull with gold stripe, teak deck, powerful pair of diesels and timeless design.

in Less than 10 years, the shipyard produces a series Aleutian is the largest and most luxurious court in the Grand Banks family. At a high level of comfort these yachts have not lost in seaworthiness and quality.

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