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  • Санкт-Петербург, Рыбацкий проспект, д. 10 лит. А. ООО «ГРИЗЛИ»

the St. Petersburg company aquamarine working in the Russian yacht market for more than 15 years, and the last five of them develops its own boat manufacturing under the brand Grizzly.

All the boats belonging to the rulers Grizzly and Grizzly PRO, is built on the quality of welded hulls of aluminum alloy, while the deck and superstructure is made of fiberglass. This combination allows the shipyard to reduce weight without sacrificing performance and design.

When designing new models Grizzly out on the basis of time-tested projects of the Scandinavian designers that are being finalized under the requirements of the Russian customers. The bulk of the boats Grizzly addressed to the serious fans of Amateur fishing, while older models often join the Navy GIMS EMERCOM and fishery inspection. The company anticipates and lovers of outdoor water, which creates the cruise boats with a high level of comfort on Board.

every year with its stocks falls more than 500 boats of 4.5 to 8.5 m, designed for outboards and transportation on the trailer. In addition to high quality products, one of the important priorities of the shipyard is its reasonable cost — and because of this developed dealer network and production capacity of its modern high-tech plant is constantly loaded.

Additionally, the company prides itself on one of the boats Grizzly for rest and fishing weekend the President and the Prime Minister of Russia!

Yacht models


Length 6.11 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers
Length 7.05 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers
Length 8.40 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers
Length 8.46 m 1 Cabin 10 Passengers
Length 9.60 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers

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