Guy Couach

Guy Couach

  • France
  • Port de Larros 33470 Gujan-Mestras, France

company History

At the French shipyard Couach has a rich history. The firm albert, Kuasha start your journey with c the manufacture of ship engines in the late 19th century. Production is located on the Atlantic coast France, Arcachon Bay under Bordeaux. After World war II, when at the helm of the company rose grandson albert, Gai, the shipyard quickly enough recovered and began to produce significant volumes of motor boats. The company took orders both on the civil and, to a greater extent on warships. Excellent reputation in the environment of the Navy was allowed to expand the portfolio of contracts and to win new markets. The yacht Builder began to engage in 60, making the choice in favor of the newest composite materials. Buying in 2005 the shipyard in Saint-Mandria gave the opportunity Couach to expand the size range of its yachts up to 33 feet away and acquire a technical Foundation in Mediterranean. The company continued to develop increasingly large projects, and they have had success in the market. When in 2009, the shipyard was renamed to Chantier Naval Couach (CNC), the company's management clearly stated priority in its development — a segment of the super - and megayachts. In addition, the company is known as a manufacturer of patrol, rescue and other special courts of the composite, merged under the name PlascoaCouach.


production in the port town of Gujan-Maistre employs about 300 professionals. Yachts are handmade to order, using exclusive materials and pure French passion for beauty — in other words, following the concept of "yacht couture", declared by the company. For the most complete customer interaction acts also showroom Couach Cannes. Material of the housings serve the latest developments of the polymers based on Kevlar, carbon fiber and glass-reinforced plastic, which gives a great advantage in strength over traditional composites.

Model range

a Pleasure polyketone court Couach >open type and >flybridge grouped in two series, Mediterrenian and Sport, from 12 to 23 metres in length. There is also a separate Lounge series, which represents one stylish 40-meter Explorer. And, of course, the company is engaged in construction >luxury yachts large, up to 50 meters in size.


In the world there are few companies with such a long and quite successful history. Couach, despite the fact that 80 ceased to be a family Builder, embodies the traditions of French shipbuilding and the succession of generations.

Yacht models


Length 11.70 m1 Cabin8 Passengers
Length 15.40 m3 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 16.00 m4 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 19.60 m3 Cabins11 Passengers
Length 22.00 m4 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 23.20 m4 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 28.00 m4 Cabins15 Passengers
Length 40.30 m5 Cabins2018 - 2024
Length 42.00 m17 Passengers
Length 49.90 m22 Passengers

Discontinued production models

Length 13.65 m1 Cabin2013 - 2016
Length 26.20 m4 Cabins2013 - 2015
Length 28.60 m4 Cabins2010 - 2012

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