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company History

Hatteras Yachts was founded in 1959 in North Carolina (USA) Willis Slane, owner of the knitting factory and part-time passionate about saltwater fishing. It owes its name to the nearby promontory Hatteras, known for its turbulent weather.

From a humble desire to build a solid and reliable boat for fishing grew ambitious idea — to create a fast and stable boat that will be less other to depend on weather conditions. And make them out of fiberglass.

Hatteras was one of the first in the world to produce a corps of revolutionary material, marking the beginning of an era in the yacht industry.



the Production capacity of the shipyard are located in the city of new Bern on the area of 60 000 square meters and can simultaneously build up to 6 buildings.

To date, the company has built more than 7600 boats, and is considered a veteran in the field of production yachts a "high end" of fiberglass composite.

But the engineers at the shipyard are not resting on our laurels and are traditionally much attention is paid to optimization of the contours and improve the comfort and controllability of the models by implementing various innovative systems such as propulsion, trim control and noise reduction.


the Lineup

In the line of motor yachts Hatteras represented as >a planing flybridge cruiser with a length of 60 and 75 feet and >yachts 90 and 100 feet. And of course, Hatteras is >sportfisher with excellent seakeeping characteristics. The product range consists of boats from 45 to 70 feet in length among which the older models have a flybridge.

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