Ice Yachts

Ice Yachts

  • Italy
  • Via delle Arti No. 12, 26010 ICE Yachts s.r.l.

company History

the Company ICE Yachts — , a young Italian brand in sailing and shipbuilding. The shipyard was established on the basis of CN Yacht 2000 and took over the whole experience and were able to get qualified staff with years of experience. ICE Yachts creates boats with the latest developments and modern materials used not only in shipbuilding. The company uses technology from the automotive industry, architecture and other industries.


Production of ICE Yachts is located East of Milan in the small town of Salvirola. To create buildings used epoxy resin and carbon fiber using vacuum technology, which provides ease of material and increased strength.

the design of the interior features a long-standing partner of the shipyard Feci Yacht Design. On the customer's requested a neo-classical interior, the balancing between the teak with horizontal lines and contemporary design or the Scandinavian tone combined with Italian style.


the Company took segment >luxury cruising yachts >cruising boats with Mediterranean cockpit >super-yachts and launches boats with a length from 10 to 31 meters. Recently began production of >sailing catamarans. In creating the design of mnogoyarusnyi participated Enrico Contreas (Enrico Contreas), known for his work on catamarans Mattia.

Model ICE CAT 61 was nominated in the category of boats from 50 feet in the international exhibition Multihull Boat Show 2018 and named the largest and most modern ever built in Italy.


the Shipyard ICE Yachts focuses on quality and the introduction of know-how in shipbuilding sailing ships, each model is developed under the individual order and meets the high demands of customers.

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