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Brand fishing boat KingFisher (Rus. "Kingfisher"), in its current incarnation exists since 2012. It is then the owner of three canadian shipyards (actually KingFisher, Harbercraft and Jetcraft), the company Westwinn Group, decided to rebrand, combining their products under the name "KingFisher". This step was preceded by a marketing study which showed that the KingFisher brand is perceived by consumers more positively. Was substantially changed and the approach to boat manufacturing. After such fundamental changes the company went uphill, and in 2018, she was awarded the prestigious title of "Canada's Best Managed Companies designation". This fact was confirmed the leading position of the KingFisher in the canadian market boats.



All boats manufactured locally in Vernon on the South-West of Canada at the plant, equipped with the latest technology. Every boat a hundred dockyard workers made by hand, following strict quality standards.


the Lineup

KingFisher has 5 lines >aluminum boats of a different nature — for every taste of the discerning angler. This model is from 5.5 to 10 m long, mostly >with an outboard motor. For saltwater fishing this series >vehicles trawler pilothouse Offshore, based on the heritage of the shipyard Harbercraft. Coastal series, Sport, Multi-Species intended for sport fishing and recreation in more predictable conditions at sea coast and on inland waters. River Jet is an innovative series >boats for fishing in the shallow bays and rivers from the protected flat bottom and >a water-jet propulsion.



the Company produces all-metal boats without a single weld of high strength aluminium hull Pre-Flex. It is own development of company of specially selected alloys. The Builder is so confident in the durability of such buildings, giving them a lifetime guarantee.

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