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company History

Italian shipyard Maiora was founded in the early 70s and gained a reputation as one of the pioneers in the manufacture of vessels from innovative then fiberglass. In 1985, longstanding partners Maiora — Fipa Italiana Yachts owners wife Francesco Guidetti and peace Santuchchi decided to buy a yard and grow from a supplier of hulls to other shipyards in the full shipbuilder. Thanks to major investments and new technologies the brand Maiora in the composition of the Fipa Group has experienced a rebirth. Owners of the company did not stop there and from year to year colleagues to its clear development strategy and volume of financial investments. Followed by a number of bold steps. Was acquired by the famous shipyard Intermare with a large Marina in the city of Viareggio — so the company was able to increase the size range of produced vessels, as well as to carry out a full cycle after-sales service of boats, including storing them in dry docks. Sale >AB Yachts in 2001 highlighted the company's attention to high-speed open boats with jet engines thrust. So the database was created for of the world's top shipyards. The stocks began to go truly memorable yachts. The acquisition in 2005 CBI Navi has enriched its lineup of metal displacement by the courts. And in the same year appeared the first superyacht to be 43-meter Lighea Maiora of steel and aluminum.


Yachts Maiora, depending on their sizes, are manufactured in two factories in the province of Tuscany. In Viareggio produced a relatively small body (length up to 26 meters) and a factory in the city of Weight responsible for the construction of fiberglass yachts over 30 meters in length and two new steel models Maiora length 38 and 43 meters. The main material is popular now GRP — fiberglass reinforced plastic. The design and construction are carried out with a sufficiently high degree of customization.

"Our customers are free to choose the electronics, engines, colour scheme, layout and General outline of their yachts," says Rudolf Berliner, marketing Director of the company. Inside, the possibilities are endless. From Rococo to art Deco, from exotic to minimalist — we are ready to implement the wishes of clients, we offer everything you need to create the desired style."

Model range

the Company produces 11 models of yachts from 21.5 to 43 meters. It is mostly >a planing flybridge yachts, whose dynamic design emphasizes the nature of the development and innovation of products Maiora.


Fipa Group has always adhered to the principle of mutual enrichment of the technological advances between shipyards within the Corporation. It not only adds a competitive advantage to all participants, but also makes their products unique in its kind.

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