Maori Yacht

Maori Yacht

Looking at the yachts and tenders that builds Italian shipyard Maori Yachts, many about myself I will say that something like they've seen somewhere. This suggestion may find confirmation in the history of the emergence of the company — the founder of the shipyard , Oberdan, Chimenti (Oberdan Chimenti) 20 years as captain on private yachts Luke Bassani (Luca Bassani), the founder and owner of Wally Yachts. Spending many years wandering the oceans, Chimenti cherished dream of creating his own shipyard and the incarnation in her of his experience and knowledge gained over the skipper's career.

In 2007, his dream came true.

currently, the model range of the company production site which is located on the Sardinia, speed boat and boats, made in the avant-garde style and with the use of modern composite materials, including CFRP. Range sizes of Maori Yachts is from 30 to 78 feet, in the future, the development of boats up to 135 feet.

Minimalistic design, thoroughness in details and high speed are the main characteristics of the yacht from Maori Yachts. Some of the models show speeds up to 52 knots. The development projects, the company attracts well-known design firms, such as Marco Ciampa, Ken Freivokh Design and Nauta Yacht Design. br>
For boats of this shipyard is also characterized by a high level of customization projects. "We are not looking for quantity — they say at the shipyard. We care about quality and maximum customer's satisfaction. And each subsequent boat is always better than the previous".

Yacht models


Length 16.40 m 1 Cabin 14 Passengers 2018 - 2020
Length 14.80 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers
Length 23.60 m 2 Cabins 18 Passengers
Length 11.30 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers
Length 14.80 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers 2014 - 2020
Length 16.30 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers
Length 14.80 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers 2014 - 2020
Length 15.20 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers
Length 15.20 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers

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