• Norway
  • Осло, Leangbukta 34, 1392

Marex is a Norwegian shipyard that went was beaten, but forgotten track. The company produces cruisers with cabins in the stern, which allocates it on a modern boat market. Advantages of this approach are obvious, such a motor yacht get excellent habitability, and, in addition, cabins, separated engine compartment, becoming more and more personalized, that someone may be a decisive moment. The most important point that the handling and maneuverability of the vessel with this design do not suffer.

otherwise, Marex is a typical "Scandinavian", focus on seaworthiness, comfort and functionality. The yacht Marex receive wide aisles on the sides, practical and high-quality upholstery materials, interiors teak flooring.

At the shipyard to nourish and cherish each client for nearly 40 years and so proud that many customers return to them for new boats. Knowing the scruples of the Scandinavians, it's good advertising.

One of the chips of the company — each of the submarines built at the shipyard, undergoing sea trials, not every Builder will have to spend money on it.

Discontinued production models

Length 6.76 m 8 Passengers 2006 - 2015
Length 8.21 m 1 Cabin 6 Passengers 2013 - 2016
Length 8.95 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers 2000 - 2003
Length 9.50 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers 2008 - 2015
Length 10.78 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers 2010 - 2016
Length 10.78 m 1 Cabin 8 Passengers 2006 - 2016
Length 11.37 m 1 Cabin 12 Passengers 2011 - 2013

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