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company History

the First sketches of the future boat David Marlowe (David E. Marlow) made in the middle of the 90. He long time couldn't find a talented naval architect who could turn his sketches and models into a full-fledged drawing with the original design. In 1998, David met with the talented designer Douglas Surnom (Douglas Zurn), together they were able to implement the plans and to design the first model of the Marlow Yachts.

the Shipyard debuted in 2001, providing a model of Marlow Explorer 65 °C on show in Miami, where he collected a lot of positive feedback. Later the international journal of Yachts declared it one of the best ever built yachts. This began the worldwide fame of the brand, providing the young company with a steady flow of customers.

company Status

the Company continues to work.


a yacht Building company shipyard is engaged in Marlow-Norsemen, located in China. The company employs more than 200 people. In 2007, the plant won the World Yachts Award for environmental innovation. Implemented green technologies to protect the environment from adverse effect.


the range of the shipyard consists of two lines. Series Yachts includes >expedition yachts and trawlers of length from 49 to 97 feet. The line Power is composed of >open yacht cruise, >Raised Pilothouse and boat class >Aft Cabin (a cabin at the stern).

Also in the shipyard produced >tenders for superyachts, designed in modern or classical style with smooth lines boats 20-x.


"We decided not to use yesterday's technologies for the products of tomorrow," says David Marlowe.

These words describe the modern approach to production. Marlow Yachts is one of the few companies that for the construction of buildings uses Kevlar, the material strength is not inferior to steel but light as plastic.

the company Also owns the patent on the technology RIVAT. It provides a uniform fill of resins for lamination, which ensures the homogeneity of the material and absence of defects. The company owns and other equally important projects in order to make the boat Marlow is a high quality, comfortable and safe.

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